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How to Impress Employers at a Career Fair

Previously, we talked about how beneficial career fairs can be. With the ITE Career Fair 2016 coming up, we thought we’d also impart some tips on how to leave a good impression on potential employers. Read on to find out what you should and shouldn’t do at a career fair!


Dress like a pro. A career fair is similar to a series of job interviews with different employers, so smart casual attire is most ideal.

Bring the essentials. Besides a pen and a notebook, you should also bring along copies of your resume, preferably in several versions tailored to different career options. Some recruiters may conduct on-site interviews with hopeful candidates, so bring along your portfolio to impress them with your work and talent.

Be polite. Since first impressions do count, you should be extra courteous to everyone at the fair. After all, you never know when the person whom you rudely bumped into turns out to be a hiring manager for a company you are eyeing!

Respect employers' time. Employers only have a set amount of time for each person they meet. Have a short pitch ready and stick to time limits when speaking with employers.

Follow up. If you promised something to an employer at the fair, such as providing references or an online portfolio, be sure to do so in a timely fashion. Following up shows that you are serious about the job opportunity and may help you stand out from the dozens of other job applicants.


Appear sloppy. Avoid wearing casual attire like flip flops, singlets and shorts (of any kind). Grooming standards should also be adhered to. Guys should sport a neat, clean-shaven appearance while ladies should aim for light make-up and tidy hair.

Be underprepared. Approaching a company with little to zero knowledge about it can make you seem lazy and indifferent. Prior to the fair, find out what companies will be present and do research on them. You can also do a quick search on your smartphone should you need more background information on a company while you’re at the fair.

Be passive. Instead of waiting for employers to approach you, be proactive and initiate a conversation with them. Most employers look out for confident candidates who can carry themselves well in professional situations. At the same time, don't just leave your resume at an employer's booth and walk away. Showing your interest and enthusiasm can create a more lasting impression on the employers.

Appear desperate. Leaving your resume at every single booth not only makes you seem desperate, but it also shows that you do not have a clear goal. Make sure you are qualified for the positions you are applying for, and avoid telling employers that you are open to anything and everything. At the very least, tailor your resumes according to the different industries and career paths you are interested in.

Looking for a job? Come on down to the ITE Career Fair 2017 on 2 & 3 November 2017!