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The Passion to Serve

It is not often that one gets the opportunity to combine work with passion. It is little wonder then that MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) senior executive Ethel Yip considers herself fortunate, as her job allows her fulfil her dream of serving the community.

MOHH, a holding company that oversees Singapore's six public healthcare clusters, works closely with the Ministry of Health to help the Singapore Healthcare System foster a healthy nation. MOHH's Community Assist Schemes Division (CASD) focuses on administering the health assist schemes set up by the Ministry.

Fruitful Career

Ethel, who is now 31, joined MOHH in 2012 as an executive in the CASD. She has since progressed to the role of senior executive in the CASD and now supervises a team of nine in the administration and validation of applications for the health assist schemes such as the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and the Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE).

Ethel, who has a degree in mass communications from the Singapore Institute of Management, relishes the opportunity to serve the community in a meaningful manner while leading a team of highly-motivated individuals and building a fruitful career.

She elaborates, "My team ensures that the applications we receive meet the eligibility criteria and are processed within policy guidelines and at the best level of service."

In addition, Ethel also handles general enquiries from applicants, who mostly came from low-income families. Communicating with applicants can sometimes be challenging as emotions get in the way, but at the end of the day, Ethel ensures that all enquiries are handled with the utmost professionalism.

"Understanding each individual's situation is very important. I try my best to appease them and assure them that I'm doing all I can to address their concerns," reveals Ethel.

An Organisation That Takes Care of Its Own

Even as she tries her best to serve the community, Ethel is also enjoying her work at MOHH. She appreciates the organisation's efforts to ensure a work-life balance for employees while providing an environment for them to develop leadership competencies and skills.

"I would like to be able to progress towards a managerial role in future and I believe that I will be able to achieve this at MOHH as the organisation provides its employees with the opportunity for career growth by sending us for relevant courses to upgrade ourselves," Ethel tells us.

Ethel also strongly identifies with one of MOHH's seven core values, teamwork – the other values being integrity, professionalism, guts, agility, passion and fun. As she puts it, "I work in an organisation with similar values that resonate with me, and coupled with the opportunity of working alongside supportive superiors and fun-loving colleagues, it really is an experience like no other!"

Ethel concedes that although she may not be in the frontline of public healthcare, she is well aware that her contribution to the sector is equally important. Taking a leaf from MOHH's vision statement, she concludes, "I believe a little goes a long way. In my own little way, I am able to help Singaporeans live well, live long and with peace of mind."