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Why You Should Attend a Career Fair

These days, many young and tech-savvy graduates flock to online portals to look for jobs. But did you know that the career fairs held in school can also be an invaluable resource in your job search? Here’s why:

Build Connections

Career fairs are a good platform to network and build rapport with prospective employers. Networking enables you to establish important contacts and opens doors to many opportunities for the future.

And while your primary goal is to interact with employers, you should also get to know your peers at the fair. The best opportunities – like joint ventures and partnerships – can often come from your list of contacts. Who knows, you might be able to help one another in the job search!

Sharpen Communication Skills

Interacting with potential employers at a career fair can build your confidence – consider this your training ground for job interviews! You will have numerous chances to practise introducing yourself to others and answering questions. Aim to improve upon your introductory speech and responses with each employer you meet. By the end of the fair, you would have mastered good conversational skills and an acute sense of professionalism.

Gain Tips and Advice

An advantage of meeting employers face-to-face is that you get to ask questions on the spot. You can learn more about different career paths and the skills and qualifications needed for certain positions. For instance, you might want to find out if employers prefer candidates with more real-world experience to those who only have paper qualifications. You can then craft your next resume according to the expectations of different employers.

Plus, some positions might not be advertised online, so take this opportunity to make enquiries. You can also get career advice and industry insights from any workshops or seminars held at a career fair. Experienced professionals and experts may share their knowledge and provide you with job hunting tips.

Boost your Chances of a Call-back

The disadvantage of relying solely on online job applications is that employers could easily ignore or miss your resume. You are likely to leave a more lasting and memorable impression on potential employers when you speak to them in person. It can really put an identity to your application later on, making you stand out from other applicants.

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